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Book your Alton Towers Taxi on 07988061200 or request call back. If you arriving from East Midlands or Manchester Airport, or Stoke Station or Uttoxeter we are quick, reliable and cheap.  #1 theme park in the UK and with Splash Landings too there’s a world of entertainment waiting.  We have 4, 7 or 8 seater vehicles waiting for your call.  book it now.

A good idea for you would be to take your whole family out to Alton Towers and book yourself an Alton Towers Taxi on07988061200. Why? Because of the fact that it would be the perfect place to take a relaxing break away from the stress and tension of every day work. Arrange the cab driver for your Alton Towers Taxi by phoning 07988061200

Whether staying at the Alton Towers hotel or The  Splash Landings hotel try our Alton Towers Taxi

From stoke station to get the best price pre-book with us. We ensure to give to best price and provide better and hassle free service.

What exactly can you find in the Splash Landings Hotel in Alton Towers? Well, you will find there a nice place where you would be able to take your family and have fun. Among the features that they have are water slides that will really give you the thrills and rush that a water slide is really supposed to provide. Of course, as a safety precaution, there are guidelines that you have to follow – this is understandable, because these slides may not be for people who have heart conditions. Just like roller coasters, you have to follow the rules and everything will be fine. If that’s not your thing, then you could try their other attractions, like the pools where you could swim and just laze around and have fun. There really is no limit to what you could do in that place and you are going to have  a whole lot of enjoyment just going around from attraction to attraction.


When you are tired of playing around in the water, you could check out their lineup of restaurants and bars. Whether you want to keep that feeling of being on the beach with seafood restaurants or you want something else, they can offer that to you. The prices are affordable just like our Alton Towers Taxi service and there are kids meals available for your little ones.  Aside from these formal restaurants and bars, there are also places where you could buy ice cream and indian fast food . It would feel exactly like a day at the beach. There really is quite nothing like it when you come to think about it – an escape within the city itself, now that would be just nothing short of perfect. If you want to plan your day out, you could do that as well.

Book your Alton Towers Taxi by calling 07988061200

You could also arrange to have parties or events there and you would have no problems with the price since you could pick the best package that is available for you and you would have no issues with making sure that it would really fit your budget.  If you need a four seater, seven or eight seater minicabs you can book your Alton Towers Taxi by phoning 07988061200